What We Do

The Kiphart Center for Global Health and Social Development supports activities focused in three primary areas: multidisciplinary scholarship, training opportunities for students, and community-focused initiatives.

Research & Scholarship

With a focus on working across disciplinary boundaries, the Kiphart Center’s activities bring together tools and expertise from diverse disciplines such as public health, social work, sociology, political science, economics, medicine, anthropology, and beyond. 

Central to this is the Fund for Research and Innovation in Global Health and Social Development, which provides resources to innovative research, intervention, and development projects aimed at solving pressing global health and social issues. 

Other activities including expert speakers, research symposia, seminars, and other events are offered throughout the year to promote scholarship and build a diverse community of global health researchers and scholars from across the university and beyond. 

Student Training

 An effective workforce is critical to address increasingly complex global health challenges, and the Kiphart Center is committed to building a generation of leaders, scholars, and practitioners that are exceptionally well-prepared for careers in the field of global health and social development in the 21st century.

We aim to prepare students to meet these challenges through robust, one-of-a-kind learning experiences and personalized support in career-planning and advising through faculty mentors, practitioners in the field, and other partners.

The Kiphart Center’s expanded educational opportunities are offered at the graduate and undergraduate level. The Kiphart Scholars Program in Global Health and Social Development is our signature graduate program for Crown Family School social work students and dual-degree students. We also provide programming to support undergraduate students in the College interested in issues of global health and social development. Other experiential learning opportunities are offered for graduate and undergraduate students throughout the year, both on campus and beyond.

Community Initiatives

Another primary aim of the Kiphart Center is to advance the health and well-being of communities around the world.  To achieve this objective, the Center supports community initiatives with various partners to support efforts to expand community-centered partnerships with organizations and institutions around the world. Additionally, the Fund for Research and Innovation in Global Health and Social Development will mobilize expertise from across the University to explore and expand collaborative partnerships with local experts to develop innovative research, interventions, and other community initiatives. 

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